CASINO 2OOO isn’t simply a place for gaming, but a venue for an ever-wider range of entertainment. Bingo! 

The Mondorf-les-Bains venue is the most frequently visited attraction in the Grand Duchy. In addition to their gaming tables and a whole selection of constantly updated slot machines, Casino 2OOO also has three restaurants where you can find a range of quality gourmet food for all tastes and budgets. Choices range from the buffets in Le 

Manège, the delicious dishes in the Purple Lounge and the gourmet menu of Les Roses. CHAPITO is a space set aside for solo performances, concerts and other musical events. Thousands of spectators can be seen leaving Mondorf-les- Bains starry-eyed after watching their idols or a young, up-and-coming artist. 

From Luxembourg, Lorraine or elsewhere, people from the worlds of economics, sport, associations and tourism now enjoy CHAPITO for the quality of human relations, its reliable organisation, and the originality of each event taking place here. With enough space for 2.100 guests (1.320 m2 available), the venue is home to fairs, general meetings, seminars, company events and other notable happenings. 

Last but not least, the accommodation is outstanding! With one hotel (4 stars superior) and the Villa des Roses (very high standard), your nights will be as wonderful as your days!