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Premium Partner Miele organized a "Dialog Oven" Demonstration with Miele for the participants of Blog Award 2020

On March 3rd Miele invited the bloggers participating in the Blog Award 2020 try an oven that cooks by “listening” to your food.

Miele demonstrated their new appliance, the “Dialog Oven” using the technology Mchef.

Much like an ordinary microwave oven, the Dialog uses radio waves to heat up food. But it is far from a microwave. The Dialog Oven monitors how much energy the food absorbs, and responds by adjusting the waves’ frequency, amplitude and phase. In simpler terms – it communicates to your food, which results in evenly and quickly cooked dishes.

The lunch started with a fish starter, which was half cooked, half raw. It was followed by meat with some fresh vegetables, which were placed on the same baking sheet in the oven. Astonishingly after just 30 minutes the meat was perfectly cooked and tender, while the vegetables retained their crunch and juiciness.

The lunch then finished with a fluffy soufflé, prepared again in the Dialog Oven.

The “Dialog Oven” comes with over 100 preprogrammed recipes that automatically mix radio waves cooking, convection, broiling, and conventional baking. A promising technology for high-end restaurants and gourmet chefs.

Main Partner Kitchen Aid organized a baking contest for the participants of Blog Award 2020

KitchenAid, main partner for the Blog Award 2020 in the category Food, organized a baking contest to celebrate 100 Years of KitchenAid. The participating bloggers were evaluated by a jury on the criteria of look & taste. The jury included Yves Jehanne – founder of the Sucrés du Lux and Chef Pâtissier of Steffen Traiteur, Paul Bungert – Chef Pâtissier of the Sofitel Kirchberg, Josy Comodi, Managing Director Group Louisiana, Raphaëlle Penisson, Marketing lead distributors KitchenAid SDA and Bibi Wintersdorf, Editor-in-Chief of KACHEN magazine.

Corrie Baier and Claudia Zanchetta won the prizes for look and taste respectively, and each took home a limited edition of the Queen of Hearts stand mixer.

Premium Partner Domaines Vinsmoselle organizes an annotated wine tasting for the participants of Blog Award 2020

Domaines Vinsmoselle, premium partner for the Blog Award 2020, organised an annotated wine tasting for the participating bloggers and influencers on December 5th 2019. The event took place in Domaines Vinsmoselle’s wine shop – Vinocity in the capital.

Each tasted wine was paired with a matching aperitif. The tasting was complete with a glass of warm mulled wine to get the participants into a festive mood.

The degustation menu included:

Auxerrois Vieilles Vignes GPC 2018
Toast au pâté double-cuit

Pinot Blanc Machtum Hohfels GPC 2018
Tartare de saumon

Pinot Gris Wormeldange Mohrberg GPC 2018
Jambon cru fumée maison « Niessen » sur un chutney de vin chaud

Riesling Jongwënzer GPC 2018
Fine tranche de pâté au Riesling

Gewürztraminer Machtum Göllebour GPC 2018
Petit toast Camembert à la confiture aux figues

Crémant Poll-Fabaire Cuvée Pinot Blanc Brut
Terrine de poisson

Crémant Poll-Fabaire Cuvée CULT Brut
Mousse au chocolat

Premium Partner Auchan Organizes a Blogger Event for Blog Award 2020

A master cooking class with Anne’s Kitchen for the bloggers and influencers took place on October 26th at the newly opened Brasserie in Auchan Cloche D’Or.

Participants got into a holiday mood and prepared a Festive Finger Food Menu that they enjoyed together at the end of the class.

The festive menu included:

  • Marmelade Fizz Cocktails
  • Muffins à la Mettwurscht
  • Feuilletés à la Wäinzoossiss
  • Crêpes à la truite fumée
  • Bouchées au hummus à la truffe
  • Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls

Stay tuned for more blogger and influencer events by our partners. And if you haven’t registered yet for the Blog Award, don’t miss your chance! You have time until end of November.

Pictures and video by Dominika Montonen-Koivisto

CFL Invitation

CFL Evasion Inauguration

Square logo_date

Salon des Douceurs

CFL Evasion invites bloggers & influencers participating in the Blog Award 2020 for the inauguration of their travel agency. The event will take place on October 2nd.

Join us for some networking, drinks, and finger food. Bloggers & Influencers will also have the opportunity to book a trip through the agency with a discount if they share their experience on their blog or social media channels.

The advantages of booking a trip through CFL Evasion are many:

  • professionalism and know how
  • individual offers
  • price comparisons
  • time saving
  • liability of the travel agency

If you would like to participate to this event, send us an e-mail to [email protected] by September 27th latest.

Save the date October 5th & 6th!
Visit the first ‘Salon des Douceurs‘ fair.

Join us at our KACHEN stand for a meet & greet with Cathy Goedert exclusively organised for the bloggers and influencers of Blog Award 2020 and enjoy a hot coffee, crémant from Vinsmoselle and delicious sweets.
We are happy to offer you a free entrance to the fair.

Participate in our giveaway for a chance to win a KitchenAid ‘Queen of Hearts’ Toaster.
Chocolate, pastry and other sweet delicacies will be on the focus this first weekend of October. Cooking workshops and competitions will ensure for entertainment and inspiration. As KACHEN is the official partner of the fair Bibi Wintersdorf will, naturally, also be a member of the jury.
To get your free ticket to the fair, send us an email to [email protected]

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