ci.nNamoon – the voices in my head

ci.nNamoon – the voices in my head

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I love to use my account to show my followers my favorite makeup, my skincare routine, my newest fashion piece, .. but I also want to speak about more deep & important topics. 

I put a lot of value into explaining to my followers how important it is to love yourself &  that they shouldn’t let themselves be influenced by the negative things that other people might tell or think of them.

Everyone should do what they love & what makes the soul happy.

They should be aware that everyone has other goals in life, other point of views, other ideas how to behave, how to dress, how to act .. and that’s OK! 

So instead of worrying too much and consistently overestimate how badly others think about your actions, which lead to the point where you become more insecure and less spontaneous and joyful, just remember : Even if you do your best to be kind and considerate, you may still be judged negatively by others. But this is not a reflection of your failings! It’s a reflection on where others are coming from and where they’re heading to.

And although I became more confident in the last few years I still struggle with an issue; with the voice in my head. The enemy inside of me that sometimes takes the overhand. The voices that tells me that my friends aren’t really my friends, that my family doesn’t need me, that I’m simply not enough..

.. and I want to speak open about this. As a person who grew up with a person who struggled a lot with mental health issues, I know how bad it can turn out when you don’t take care of your mental health and how it affects your life an the lives of the people around you. 

I think that a lot of us struggle with such kind of issues and I don’t want them to feel alone. And even when I get a hard time expressing my feelings to others, I took the courage to thematize this topic in one of my latest post & I explained to my followers how I experience it.

Why is yourself your worst enemy sometimes? Your biggest critic & hater?

Whether it’s the voice in your head that’s keeps hating on you,

your own thoughts that drag you down,

or the worst scenarios that your brain plays you.

Sometimes you can ignore or suppress them. You feel strong & confident.

But there are also periods, where the voices are so hard, loud & present.

You see everyone as a competitor, against which you don’t have any chances. You feel small, lost and not important … and I’ve lost myself in these kind of thoughts during the last weeks. At times I felt like I was drowning in them and I didn’t even bother to fight against them (…)

But I’ve made up my mind to turn my thoughts in another, more positive direction and I saw that I need to concentrate on MYSELF.

I have to deal with my thoughts & feelings and have to observe my moods, which depend on my personal attitude towards different situations, persons & facts. Are my worries justified or are they only in my head? (…)

We need to take care of our mental health.

We need to speak more open about them

& we need to stop hiding our problems.