1. Who we are


This website is operated and maintained by Luxe Taste & Style Publishing s.à r.l., 
4a Rue de Consdorf, L-6230 BECH, Luxembourg (“we” or “our”).


We use cookies on this website and this cookie policy aims at informing you (“you”) about what information we collect by means of cookies, how we process it, why we do so and if and when we could share some information  with others.

General information on how we process personal data collected by this website is available here.


2. What are cookies?


We have already written what cookies are when, one day, browsing one website, we stumbled in a interesting link where we read:

We believe this is the funniest and simplest way someone could explain to you (and our moms) what cookies are and we are pleased to share this Learn about cookies 
On the contrary, if you wish to see what we are able to write, continue with the next paragraphs….


Cookies are small data files that we and our service providers store on the device you use to browse our website, such as your computer, smartphone or tablet. 
Some cookies are stored only for the period during which your internet browser remains active (session cookies) and others for a longer predetermined period of time (persistent cookies).


We explain below how you can delete, block or disable cookies through your internet browser settings but note that all or some features of our website and the services we propose may then not work correctly (or simply require that you input information previously provided when visiting our website again).


3. Why do we use cookies?


We use cookies to keep information about your navigation on our website which helps us to improve your browsing experience and our communication with you. 
Some cookies are important for the proper functioning of our website and services.


Cookies allow us to collect information for different purposes, like the type of device you use, its operating system and the browser. Using this information we can adapt our content to display correctly.


We collect information to remember your preferences and about your communication with us, like how you landed on our website, the pages you are visiting and the links you have clicked. In this manner we are able to improve those part of the website which get more interest from you and other users.


4. What types of cookies do we use?


Technology changes quickly and we could need to update our cookie policy to reflect those changes even if they could not be relevant for your purpose.


As at the date of this cookie policy, we use the following types of cookies:

      • Functional cookies which allow us to operate or customise certain features of our website and services based on your choices or as requested by you.
        For example, we try to remember your preferences and the choices, to determine whether you have already subscribed to certain services or to help make certain optional services or features work.
      • Performance cookies which allow to get information on your use of our website and services, on electronic communications, to analyse how our website and services work and report potential errors. This information, like the pages you have visited before entering our website, which pages you are visiting in our website and the links you have found more interesting, allow us to operate and improve our website.


5. Which cookies do we use and for what purposes?


The functional cookies we use are aimed to optimise the presentation of the banners, are temporary and usually expire after 100 days.


6. What are third-party cookies and how are they used?


We use the following third-party cookies to collect analytics and statistics with a view to improving our website and services. 


We have opted for the anonymisation of the IP address of the users of this website and these cookies do not collect identification information relating to you but allow us to use your anonymous connection data for statistical purposes related to the pages visited.


More information about Google Analytics and opt-out options:

You can find more about these cookies at:


7. What are your rights in relation to cookies?


When you access our website, you are informed via a pop-up banner of the storage and use of cookies on your browser. By continuing your navigation on our website without having configured the cookies settings, we assume that you consent to the storage and use of cookies on your browser. 

The banner will remain visible as long as you have not clicked “I Accept” or “More Information”. 


Once you have clicked “I Accept” or “More Information” you will not see again the pop-up during the next accesses, unless the cookies have expired or have been deleted from your browser.


At any time, you can delete, block or disable first or third-party cookies through your browser settings but note that all or some features of our website and the services we propose may then not work correctly (or simply require that you input information previously provided when visiting our website again). We are not responsible for any disruption of the website due to the rejection or deletion of necessary cookies.


Depending on the internet browser you are using, you can delete selected cookies or all at once. 


Through your browser setting, you can block all or certain types of cookies, from only some or all websites.


This is the link to know more about How to Control and Disable Cookies. It will open in a new tab and will help you to setup you browser at the best of your wish.


8. How can you obtain more information?


If you would like to receive more information on how we use cookies, please contact


9. How can we update this cookie policy?


Changes may occur in the way we use cookies and we could need to update this cookies policy. When this happens, we will bring the changes to your attention through our cookie banner.