Instagram Name: Incognito Travels

Instagram run by: Julie and Renaud

 Category: Lifestyle

Blog Language: English

Blog Description:

It all started 6 years ago when we met. We had a common dream, to travel, buy a van and travel around Australia like hippies. And we left….
A few years later, we created Incognito Travels to nourish this deep shared passion for travel and the beauty that nature offers us.
Renaud goes in search of secret places to discover, he organizes our incredible discoveries around the world. And meanwhile, Julie create our visual world and our digital presence.

Creating, through our stories and photos, is a passion that feeds us every day. Incognito Travels is our own way of sharing what we love with the whole world. We were born in Belgium, our beloved homeland, where chocolate, chips and beer are king! We live between Belgium and Luxembourg, two countries that are full of unexpected discoveries… Thanks to this travel blog, we invite you to travel with us, pack with us and embark on new adventures! Follow our itineraries, our favorites, discover paradisiacal places, sometimes unknown to the guides, and above all share with us what you think about it.

Incognito Travels is also a message we want to leave to our friends, families and all itinerant travelers in this world: for us, “travelling incognito” means going on an adventure, conquering the world, while protecting nature and the planet. It means leaving no traces, no waste behind either during a hike or trekking for example. It means trying, on our small scale, to respect our beautiful planet and its inhabitants.