On March 3rd Miele invited the bloggers participating in the Blog Award 2020 try an oven that cooks by “listening” to your food.

Miele demonstrated their new appliance, the “Dialog Oven” using the technology Mchef.

Much like an ordinary microwave oven, the Dialog uses radio waves to heat up food. But it is far from a microwave. The Dialog Oven monitors how much energy the food absorbs, and responds by adjusting the waves’ frequency, amplitude and phase. In simpler terms – it communicates to your food, which results in evenly and quickly cooked dishes.

The lunch started with a fish starter, which was half cooked, half raw. It was followed by meat with some fresh vegetables, which were placed on the same baking sheet in the oven. Astonishingly after just 30 minutes the meat was perfectly cooked and tender, while the vegetables retained their crunch and juiciness.

The lunch then finished with a fluffy soufflé, prepared again in the Dialog Oven.

The “Dialog Oven” comes with over 100 preprogrammed recipes that automatically mix radio waves cooking, convection, broiling, and conventional baking. A promising technology for high-end restaurants and gourmet chefs.