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Hello !
I’m sharing my Life as a new Mom on Instagram with the goal to inspire my community in a positive way 😊
My posts are mainly about how to keep a healthy & ecological lifestyle and how to balance between work & family 👶🏼
Without forgetting to take care of ourselves and our Look, since we have a little less time as Moms, you can also find many quick beauty tutorials on my IGTV 🎥
While giving advices about useful baby stuff & ideas, I’m also showing my support to women, moms and especially single Moms that are struggling with judgement & everyday mom issues 💪🏼
Since I’m a native Luxembourger and living here, I’m also sharing a lot of nice places in our country, especially restaurants because who doesn’t love to eat, especially since cooking takes time we barely have 🤪
I absolutely love dressing up my baby and putting on matching outfits, so I also enjoy taking pictures and sharing them on my Feed 📸