Main partner for the category food 

Victorine is an urban kitchen that acknowledges the passage of time. Victorine was my grandmother, a farmer from the Ardennes the like of which does not exist anymore. She was in charge of animal breeding, the orchard and the vegetable garden. The mix of tastes and smells of her cooking were my emotional guides in creating Victorine Cuisine Urbaine. We have created a menu that pays tribute to the countryside with passion and brings it to the city. 

Our kitchen is responsible. We care about your health and the environment. Our commitment is to choose high- quality products. All our fish dishes are 100% Label Rouge and/or MSC. All our breads are ORGANIC, our juices are cold pressed daily with organic and local fruits and vegetables in 100% compostable bottles. 

The products on the menu are “home-made” with a constant search for flavours that are as original as they are cheerful, all in respect of a balanced diet. And because urban life sometimes leaves little time for healthy meals at home, Victorine has thought of takeaway meals, “ready to warm-up” for dinner or the weekend. 

At Victorine, starting in the morning, we offer quality food at fair prices, while respecting the producers. We want this place to be a space dedicated to exchanges, discovery and meaningful innovation.“ 

For lunch, the restaurant is a “FAST GOOD” in which you can enjoy a fresh spring roll, a salad, a wrap, a jar of food or a pie. All the recipes take into account the different diets with 70% of the preparations being vegetarian. 

Victorine, ECO-RESPONSABLE uses only recyclable (paper, cardboard, coconut pulp) or reusable packaging (jars). All plastics are made of PLA (of vegetable origin and 100% compostable). Victorine, exclusively for Luxembourg, offers a water bottle made of PLA. 

A free water fountain is available to customers at all times.“ 

Pascal Brasseur, CEO at Victorine