Carlo Sauber

by V


Chef / Teacher, Lycée Technique de Bonnevoie

For 23 years now Carlo Sauber has been teaching young cooks at the school in Bonnevoie in Luxembourg. After his qualification as a technician in the hotel industry and the subsequent Masters examination, his international career began as team captain with the national team. During this time the team brought the Luxembourg cuisine to 9th place in the world rankings. But as evolution in the kitchen never stops, he works as a juror and as instructor for licensed jury members of the Worldchefs Association. So his hobby also remains his job. With a lot of energy, Carlo tries to convey his passion and knowledge to everyone so that we all might be able to purchase and maintain good quality of food. This is also done with the book “Ketty Thull,” in which the culinary identity of Luxembourg is solidified.

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